What the heart wants

From the Author of the book Remember Me, an all new and exciting adventure is released.

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A true love story with a twist

Willow. Dancer. Bride to be.
Who I was, seemed to shatter into pieces. The pressure to bounce back from the accident was unbearable. Friends, family, overbearing mom and fiancé – all craving the old me, before I lost the use of my legs. I was determined.

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Angelique Bosman book took me out of my usual environment of thrillers and placed me into the middle of a story that tells the tale of the endless boundaries of romance. I highly recommend you read her beautifully written story.
What the Heart Wants
I finished this book in one sitting! It's a nice, easy-to-read story about a strong female lead who puts herself together after her life falls apart -- with the help of some great side-characters. I did not expect the twist toward the end, great job!
Lily Henderson
What the Heart Wants
Angelique Bosman had me in all sorts of emotions while reading What The Heart Wants. It was a read I found myself lost in more times than not and one I can't wait to go back for more. This is a highly satisfying romance. It comes recommended.
What the Heart Wants

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