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I’m excited to share that my book will be reviewed by The Bombshell Book Review. They will discuss parts of my book throughout the month on their show Thursdays at 6 pm PST/8 pm CST.

An Office Romance with a Twist

What is worse than having your mother set you up on a blind date? I’ll tell you, crushing on Aiden Lang.

The new office hunk, who has every girl’s attention even my best friend Amy’s. She took one look at him and was convinced that he’s her soulmate. Fate wasn’t playing fair when our boss had Aiden and myself working on the same project, having meeting after meeting together. The one day I tripped over my heels right into his hard chest. Amy was my only reminder that I didn’t have any claim to Aiden like she did. Becoming a bad friend for a good time just wasn’t in me. Determined to forget my best friend’s crush I jumped head first back into online dating. Though destiny wasn’t done with me yet.

Betray my best friend or take the risk on someone new? The thing about dating on the internet is you never truly know who’s behind the screens.

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So this was a new author read for me and I loved this story it was sweet and I fell in love with Blake I wish the author didn’t finish the story because I kept wanting more! Can’t wait to read more from this author!

Traci Sek
Remember Me
Ahhh It was just too cute !!!! I mean there was some serious drama and ang B really had me guessing till the end and although I was a little heartbrroken myself I was soooooooo happy to have read it. Definitely a new fav.

What the Heart Wants
A perfect beach read! Sweet, humorous, charming, and so adorable! I loved everything about this perfectly executed book: The smooth flow of the story, the relatable characters, and the surprise plot twist. Swipe To Love is a must-read for all romance lovers
Lisa Higgins
Swipe To Love

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